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Enter a scientific query and get as a result a list of authors with the most original research publications matching this topic.

A great way to either find a potential new collaborator or help from an expert! 

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color: search by the color of a switch-inducing light
Light color
switch: search by an optogenetic switch
Switch name
host: search by the host cell line or organism of a designed optogenetic system
host:"mouse in vivo"
Host name
"" exact match / multi-worded term
switch:"CRY2/CIB1" finds results with CRY2/CIB1 only
typing only switch:CRY2/CIB1 would find results with either CRY2 or CIB1, i.e. CRY2/CIB1, CRY2/CRY2 and CRY2olig
() group terms for operators
switch:(AsLOV2 VVD FKF1/GI) finds publications with all specified elements
OR logical operator "or"
- exclude a term from the query
PHYB -PIF3 Show results with PHYB but exclude PIF3
* wildcard search
switch:PHY* finds results containing PhyB or PhyA -based switches