A collection of useful material sources for optogenetic experiments.


AddGene - The optogenetics collection

Illumination devices aka optogenetics light boxes

"OptoTubes" / "eVOLVER" / "OptoFlasks" — Programmable yeast illumination systems across multiple lab-scales: OptoTubes for glass test tubes (3 mL), eVOLVER for 16 independent culture units of 10 - 25 mL, and OptoFlasks (25 - 250 mL).

+ Original publication of the eVolver

“LAVA device” — a DIY tutorial — A system for experiments in 24- and 96-well plates, which allows user-defined illumination patterns. It can be optimized either for high illumination intensities or for high illumination uniformity.

+ A detailed step-by-step tutorial for the above system (v. 2020)

“optoPlate-96” — a comprehensive step-by-step DIY tutorial (v. 2019) — A system for high-throughput three-color optogenetics experiments that allows simultaneous manipulation of common red- and blue-light-sensitive optogenetic probes. It enables illumination of individual wells in 96-well plates without cross-illumination between wells, and includes an active cooling system to minimize sample heating during light-intensive experiments. Suitable also for experiments in 384-well plates.

+ "optoConfig-96" — A Python-based graphical user interface available for Windows and MacOS for configuration of the optoPlate-96.

“Light Plate Apparatus” — a comprehensive DIY tutorial (v. 2016) — A system for experiments in a 24-well format, allows for simultaneous illumination with two independently programmable custom (310 to 1550 nm) colors of illumination.

+ A detailed step-by-step tutorial for the improved above system (v. 2019)

“Optogenetics Light Box” — a DIY tutorial and commissioning (v. 2018) — A system for experiments in a 12-well format, allows for one custom color illumination. To build one of these light boxes, ask the author (J. Vrana) for further step-by-step details. The materials list, Arduino code and the laser cutter files are already available on the page.

"opto biolabs" — a spin-off from the University of Freiburg, Germany — opto biolabs develops illumination devices and is your development partner for tailor-made solutions for optogenetics research expanding the experimental spectrum and increasing efficiency in research.

"LITOS" — a versatile LED illumination tool for optogenetic stimulation (v. 2022) — A 32 x 64 RGP LED matrix for flexible illumination of various cell culture dishes, or flasks. A GUI is provided and the device can be controlled by a computer or smartphone via WLAN connection.

“Disco” computer-controlled LED-based automatic lighting system for cell culture experiments (v. 2015) — A simple and cheap lightning system for automatic, multichromatic, parallelized pulsed illumination of 96-well or 24-well cell culture plates, operated by an Arduino.

A platform of 12 x 8 LED arrays controlled by an Arduino (v. 2016) — Compatible with 96-well plates for high throughput probe profiling.


An Introduction to Optogenetics — a mini (~40 min) online course from EMBL
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