Curated Optogenetic Publication Database

Search precisely and efficiently by using the advantage of the hand-assigned publication tags that allow you to search for papers involving a specific trait, e.g. a particular optogenetic switch or a host organism.

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Filter options
Review only search only for review papers Review
Exclude reviews exclude review papers from the search
Benchmarking search only for papers that benchmark different optogenetic switches Benchmarking
Background only search only for basic research papers on photoreceptors Background
Exclude background exclude basic research papers on photoreceptors
Multichromatic search only for papers that combine multiple optogenetic switches within a single optogenetic system Multichromatic
Time frame search only within a specified time frame

color: search by the color of a switch-inducing light
Light color
switch: search by an optogenetic switch
Switch name
host: search by the host cell line or organism of a designed optogenetic system
host:"mouse in vivo"
Host name
application: search by the type of biological application of an optogenetic system
application:"cell death"
note: Find The Application tool provides you with the same function, but in a guided way, together with an overview of all the available type options
Biological application
"" exact match / multi-worded term
switch:"CRY2/CIB1" finds results with CRY2/CIB1 only
typing only switch:CRY2/CIB1 would find results with either CRY2 or CIB1, i.e. CRY2/CIB1, CRY2/CRY2 and CRY2olig
() group terms for operators
switch:(AsLOV2 VVD FKF1/GI) finds publications with all specified elements
OR logical operator "or"
- exclude a term from the query
PHYB -PIF3 show results with PHYB but exclude PIF3
* wildcard search
switch:PHY* finds results containing PhyB or PhyA -based switches